JCS Welfare Department

JCS Free Political PrisonersThe JCS established a Welfare Department in 1992 to coordinate this aspect of our work and continues to support campaigns demanding the release of political prisoners. We also work to highlight prisoners rights and support demands for for an improvement of prisoners conditions. Prisoners have rights too and political prisoners have the right to be recognised as political prisoners.

Over the years the JCS have campaigned in solidarity with political prisoners in various countries including the United States, the Basque Country, Palestine as well as here in Scotland. Central to our work in this area has been our solidarity with political prisoners in Ireland. The JCS defines political prisoners as people who are imprisoned as a direct result of the political situation. As republicans we believe the Irish people have the right to determine their own future without outside interference or impediment. The continuing British occupation of the Six Counties and the UK state’s subsequent denial of the Irish people their rights remains the cause of conflict.

The JCS does not fundraise for specific prisoners or groups of prisoners and is not aligned to any prisoners support group (or political party). If you wish to support a specific prisoner or group of prisoners you should contact them or their support groups directly.

Over the years members of the JCS have found themselves in confrontation with the British state. The JCS has supported our members and their families throughout any subsequent court cases. We remain committed to supporting any of our members in this regard.

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