Election 2021

The James Connolly Society is an independent working class organisation. We are not affiliated to any political party. The JCS will not be supporting or endorsing, in any way, any political party or candidates in the forthcoming Scottish Parliament election.

The James Connolly Society are currently celebrating our 35th anniversary and remain focused on our Return to Connolly Strategy, as set out over a decade ago. Our priorities are Connolly, Community, Class. It is our view that our activists efforts and resources are best utilised in working class communities advancing that strategy. Not fighting elections. Or supporting others fighting elections.

We recognise that working class people need to be better represented. If we believed that outcome would be delivered by voting for any of the political parties standing in this election, we would say so. The JCS continue, on an ongoing basis, to have open dialogue with all parties and their representatives in relation to our activists work in our communities. We have listened to their representations and considered them throughout our recent members meetings and members audit.

This process has been a thorough engagement with our members. Involving written submissions, meetings (via Zoom) and the most extensive reorganisation we have had for many years. Our members collective view is that the JCS should reconfirm our long held position of not supporting any political party or candidates.

Of course, JCS members will vote, or not, for various parties or candidates in this election. Some may even support political parties. They do so as individuals and do not represent the JCS. Any suggestion otherwise is false. The James Connolly Society has a full programme of work to be advancing. That work is the priority for the JCS and our members.

“The James Connolly Society have used the space and time created by the pandemic wisely. We have consulted our members on a wide range of issues. Both to do with policy and structure. We have expanded our base while remaining committed to our principles and overall strategy. Clarification on our position on elections is long overdue and welcomed. It is, like everything else, kept under constant review. There has never been a better time to focus on Connolly, Community and Class. The JCS has the track record and political integrity to advance independent, anti-fascist working class politics. We can best do that by focusing on politics and not elections.”
-JCS Chairman Jim Slaven

Statement Ends.