About The JCS

The James Connolly Society is a working class organisation based in Scotland. The James Connolly Society has organised an annual James Connolly commemoration in Edinburgh every year since 1986.

The JCS exists to
a) promote the life and works of James Connolly in the country of his birth.
b) work with others for help create the type of society envisaged by Connolly.
c) to promote an authentic history of the James Connolly commemoration and other radical movements led by working class communities in Scotland.

2 thoughts on “About The JCS

  1. A chairde agus chomradaithe: Was just watching the Republican Day Scotland program. Brill, and the berries ! I do a regular radio program (heard on-line) at WTJU.net (that’s in Virginia USA), and if you’ll contact me we can chat about giving some air coverage to the JCS.
    “Well, Lillie, hasn’t it been a full life and isn’t this a good end? “—mebbe the most heartbreaking words in the Irish lexicon….
    Solidarity, agus beir bua i gconai !

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