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James Connolly Day

Tomorrow sees the first ever James Connolly Cup 5-a-side tournament in Edinburgh. Teams from across Scotland will compete for the silverware. Following the football this years James Connolly wreath laying ceremony will take place at the Connolly plaque at 2.30pm. The events will round off with a fundraiser for the Connolly Foundation’s statue appeal. And… Continue reading James Connolly Day


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Party Politicians: Noble, Ignoble and Local

The Czar is dead and the elections are over. The new Czar has issued a manifesto, and Bailie M’Donald is now Lord Provost. The peace of Europe is still maintained, the Nihilists are plotting in silence, and Councillor Waterston has been and gone and done it. A Tory Lord Provost rules over Liberal Edinburgh, and… Continue reading Party Politicians: Noble, Ignoble and Local