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About The JCS

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The James Connolly Society is a socialist republican organisation based in Edinburgh.
The JCS exists to
a) promote the life and works of James Connolly in the city of his birth.
b) work with others for the establishment of the socialist republic envisaged by Connolly.
c) to promote an authentic history of the James Connolly march and other radical movements led by immigrant and working class communities in Edinburgh.Membership of the James Connolly Society is open to:

1) Original JCS members (ie members whose standing orders have lapsed and wish to renew).
2) Socialist republicans in the Edinburgh/Lothians area who are nominated by two existing members.

Members are expected to have a standing order of at least £10 monthly. Unemployed members are exempt from this.
For more information contact the email below.

BackgroundThe JCS organised the annual James Connolly march in Edinburgh from 1986 until 2006. The Connolly commemoration was the most prominent republican march to be held in Scotland during this period. The Connolly commemoration survived several attempts by the state and Loyalist/ fascists to ban or in other ways eradicate the event. The march was the largest independent, left and working class organised annual march to be held in Scotland, England or Wales.


Over the years the JCS has led various campaigns in Edinburgh including for the release of Birmingham six and Guildford 4, support for political prisoners and human rights and against censorship and British state collusion. We have also actively supported international solidarity campaigns in countries such as Palestine, South Africa and the Basque Country. We have aslo been led several direct actions include protest at the US and Free State Consulates and against the Windsor womans attendance at the opening of the Scottish Parliament.

The JCS is an independent and politically inclusive organisation and has never been affiliated to any political party. Political parties represented at the James Connolly march and other JCS events include Sinn Fein, Scottish National Party, Labour Party, Herri Batasuna, Communist Party of Great Britain. As well as representatives from campaigns such as those supporting refugees, gay rights, POW’s families, anti racist and anti sectarian initiatives, anti war groups and many more.


Currently the JCS orgainses several events throughout the year to commemorate Connolly in Scotland’s capital such as walking tours, the annual wreath laying ceremony at Connolly’s plaque. We also attend various political events orgainsed by others in Edinburgh such as May Day, anti cuts demonstrations etc. The JCS is preparing an exhibition looking at the history of James Connolly and the Irish Community in Edinburgh focusing on a participant based, bottom up approach to our own social history. This page is part of this research project and is established to share information between members and supporters. If you have any materials for use in our exhibition or which is part of our community’s history then we would like to here from you.

Contact: jcsedinburgh@gmail.com